OP Salads and Stuff

Do you guys have like Salads ‘n Stuff?

San Luis Valley*
A heaping bed of lettuce topped with bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, grilled chicken breast, hardboiled egg, fresh tomatoes and avocados. Born and raised in Colorado • 12.99
The O.P. Original and Best*
A spinach salad with fresh mushrooms, chopped bacon, sliced hardboiled egg, toasted sesame seeds and hot bacon dressing on the side • 9.99
Add chicken • 1.99
Prospect Lake*
Fresh chopped lettuce, topped with ham, turkey, cheddar, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion and a hardboiled egg • 12.99
Garden of the Gods
A fresh bed of mixed greens topped with red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke hearts, black olives then sprinkled with feta cheese. It’s the Mount Olympus of salads, take a peak! • 9.99
Add chicken • 1.99
North Pole*
Our fresh tuna salad served on a bed of lettuce and garnished with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and a hardboiled egg • 9.99
Colorado Rockies
A bed of fresh lettuce topped with tortilla chips, black olives, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, avocado and red onions. Served with sour cream and salsa on the side. What a Hit! • 9.99
Add chicken OR chorizo • 1.99
Ute Pass
A hot bowl of housemade French onion or our homemade pork green chili served with a fresh garden salad • 8.99
A Not So Small Salad
A crisp bed of lettuce with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, croutons and your choice of dressing • 4.99
Homemade Pork Green Chili or Homemade French Onion Soup
Cup • 3.99 Bowl • 5.50 Our chili is available to go. Pint • 6.25 Quart • 9.99 Pork Green Chili is gluten free

Sensational Sides

O.P. Potatoes • 2.99
(Round sliced potatoes)
Fresh Tomatoes • 2.25Side toast • 1.99Marinara • 1.49
Homemade Potato Chips • 2.99Cottage cheese • 2.99English muffin or
Biscuit • 1.49
Hollandaise • 1.49
Corned Beef Hash • 3.50One French Toast • 2.99Gluten Free Toast • 2.25Homemade Biscuits &
Gravy • 5.99
Shredded Hash browns • 2.99Bagel w/cream cheese • 3.50One egg* • 1.49Half order of Biscuits & Gravy • 3.25
Grits • 2.49Cinnamon roll • 4.99Two eggs* • 2.49
Up-charge for Egg beaters and Egg whites
Thick sliced Ham • 3.99Croissant • 2.50Vanilla Yogurt • 2.25
Two Patty Sausage • 3.991 Flour tortilla • .99Gravy • 1.99Fruit flavored yogurt • 2.25
Two Patty Turkey Sausage • 3.992 Corn tortilla • .99Tamale • 3.99Fruit Medley (seasonal) • 3.99
Thick sliced Bacon • 3.99

Something to Drink?

Freshly Brewed Coffee • 2.99Lemonade • 2.49Bloody Mary • 7.00
(½ price on Sundays)
Herb teas and Black Teas • 2.29V-8, Apple and Cranberry Juice • 2.49
Hot Chocolate • 2.99Fresh Squeezed Orange • 3.49 per glassMimosa (1/2 liter) • 15.00 (fresh squeezed Orange Juice and Champagne)
Soft Drinks…Bottomless • 2.49½ liter of Orange Juice • 10.00
Iced Tea • 2.25Milk • 2.49Glass of Champagne • 4.00

*These items are cooked to order, consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.